Nomao (Naked) Camera App V4.0.2 APK Full Version 2022

Nomao (Naked) Camera App V4.0.2 APK Full Version 2022

Smartphones are the essential part of our lives and in every smartphone, you will find a camera. We take various photos and videos but due to fewer and limited functions of default camera app, we are not able to do much creativity with that. So, Nomao Camera App comes as a solution.

There are various camera apps available online, but they are also limited in their functions and features. This app offers various features other than special effects and features which other camera apps don’t have. Nomao Camera App is available for Android and iOS both. You can easily download it from Google Play Store.

What is Nomao Camera App?

Nowadays, you will find various camera apps available on Play store that offers amazing filters, and functions to make your photograph attractive and stylish. But here we have Nomao Camera App which is one of the highly recommendable and has gained immense popularity as compared to other apps. Now the Question arises as “Why you should prefer Nomao Camera App over other apps?”

The main reason of downloading the Nomao Camera App is its upgraded and unique features like Nomao Magic and Nomao Camera X-Ray feature that makes Nomao a unique camera app available in the market.

Nomao Magic: This feature let you take the videos or photos of a person without knowing him.

Nomao Camera X-Ray Feature: The X-ray feature of Nomao offers user to see the body of a person despite wearing the clothes. It also helps to see any hidden object.

Nomao Camera App is a brand new, user-friendly camera app which gives more features and functions to user for their photos and videos with various filters and features. It has very simple and user-friendly interface. This app provides quality pictures and videos. It requires very less memory to store.

How To install Nomao Camera | Body Scanner (Xray App)

Why is this Nomo Camera App so popular?

The magic feature which Nomao Camera has is, you can see those things through this camera app which you cannot see by naked eyes. That’s why it is also called Naked Camera App.

This special feature of this camera app let you see the body of a person when he has worn clothes. Moreover, you can also see any hidden object if any. This feature is also called the X-ray feature of Nomao.

Now many would consider it unrealistic or fake but the reason of this magic feature is scientific.  It uses a secret algorithm that manipulates the camera code and changes the way it operates. As a result, we can see the objects behind the objects. Hence this app is a Camera App, you can use this application as an invisible camera too. Which means you can shoot videos or photos without letting know others that you are taking their photos or videos.

Nomao Camera APK

Latest Version Nomao Minimalistic Camera 4.0.2
Space required 845 KB
Operating system Android, iOS
Minimum  requirement Android 4.0 and up
Developer Ritudy
License Free

Features of Nomao Camera App:

We can use Nomao APK just like other camera apps to take pictures and videos and it also has features of filters and effects.

  • Magic Feature: Nomao app camera has a magic feature through which you can click photos or make videos of others without letting them know.
  • X-ray Feature: Through this, you can see body of a person despite wearing clothes.
  • User-friendly interfaceNomao APK has simple and bloat free interface so user has easy navigation in this.
  • Amazing photo and video quality: Nomao provides great HD quality of videos and the quality of photos are very good which other camera apps don’t provide.
  • Tap to Focus: This app provides the function of focus with which you can provide better quality to your photos and videos. This provides you with a simple tap process.
  • On/Off flash: you can on or off the flash according to the requirements.
  • Bugs free

So now are you excited to download Nomao APK for your device? So here is the procedure of this which is very easy to follow.

Download Nomao APP for Android and iOS: Installation Guide

The user can download this camera app in their smartphones and tablets.  Below are the links which will give you a complete guide to install this app from various browsers.

Download Nomao Camera APK for Android:

To download Nomao camera APK in android device you need to make some changes in your device so that your device can download file form a third party source. To do this, please follow these simple steps.

  • At first go in the settings of your android device.
  • Then click on the “Security.” Then scroll down in the options.
  • Choose “Unknown source.” Now your Android device is ready to download file from a third party source.
  • Now download Nomao camera APK either from play store or its official site.

Installation of Nomao Camera App:

  • Download the Nomao Camera APK file.
  • Then enable permission in your device to install third-party app.
  • Then install the downloaded APK file and enjoy its features.

Download Nomao Camera APK for iOS

This app is not officially available for iOS users but you can still download it in your iPhone. For this, you need to do some extra steps. To know the detailed process of it please Click Here.

How to use Nomao camera App?

  • Open Nomao Camera App.
  • Shake your device twice to activate X-ray feature.
  • Target the camera at a person. Then automatically clothes will be removed.
  • Shake the device twice again to disable X-ray camera features.

Isn’t it easy and user-friendly?

Nomao camera App Full Version

How To Use Nomao Camera | Latest Version | (2022)

Nomao Camera App Version V4.0.1

  • Bugs free
  • X-ray Feature
  • filters for photos and videos
  • Effects for photos and videos

Nomao Camera App Version V1.0.2

  • Amazing effects in photos and videos
  • Apply various filters
  • See any hidden object
  • Bugs free

Final Verdict on Nomao Camera App:

Some people tell that this APK is a fake and a lie. But there are some videos or photos which prove that this App is 100% working and real app. We have also experienced the Nomao app and found that the quality of videos and pictures are very good. We would also suggest all giving a try to this Nomao camera app and ensuring its working. This would definitely give you great experience by its amazing features.

Nomao Camera For Android | NOMAO Supported Phones

Nomao Camera For Android | NOMAO Supported Phones

Nomao Camera for Android: there are so many peoples asking which phones are supported to the nomao camera, here are all phones that support to the nomao camera app.

New Nomao camera is an android Picture camera that makes a good picture, videos from your mobile and gives you good result, this is free of cost picture camera app you can get from play store and download the nomao camera apk file.

Nomao Camera Supported Phones List:

The Nomao app supports every phone but some phones are not supported but you can install nomao camera on every phone and can run and make images, videos from this camera, here are some phone list that supports nomao camera.

Supported Versions:
  • Andoird
  • IOS
Supported Phones:
  • Samsung
  • iPhone
  • Nokia (Android)
  • Blackberry
  • Vivo
  • Vivo Z5x
  • Xiaomi Redmi 7A
  • Oppo K3
  • ZTE Blade A5 2019
  • Lenovo Z6 Youth Edition
  • Infinix S4
  • Vivo Y15 (2019)
  • Vivo Y12
  • Realme X Lite
  • Honor 20
  • Honor 20 Pro
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S
  • Vivo Y3
  • Oppo A9x
  • Micromax iOne
  • Sony Xperia Ace
  • Itel A46
  • Realme X
  • Xiaomi Redmi K20
  • Huawei Y9
  • Prime 2019
Some More Papluar Phones:
  • Redmi K20
  • Redmi Note 7
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy A30
  • Oppo F11 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy M20
  • Samsung A50
  • Redmi Note 7 Pro
  • Vivo V15 Pro
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Samsung A30
  • Poco F2
  • Samsung A70
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Realme 3 Pro
  • OnePlus 7
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold

nomao apk from play store

Install Nomao Camera on The Google Play Store: Nomao Camera

I know Now you are happy with our camera app new update, and we update our app soon with all phones supported harry up and stay with us for long term friendship.

Final words:

Hi, if you need any help with our Nomao camera app then we are waiting for you, we happy to helps our users. thanks for reading our whole article.